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The Privacy Policy of HometownHeroes is intended to keep you aware of our policies and practices covering the gathering, use, and disclosure of Personal Information and other pertinent information that you send us through HometownHeroes. Accessing and using the HometownHeroes websites, emails, and other services within, you agree to the terms and conditions enumerated within this Privacy Policy, which has been formed into and is part of the website’s Conditions of Use, and agree to the processing of such information according to the Privacy Policy.

  • Gathering of Information
  • The Use and Disclosure of Information
  • Personal Information: What You Can Share
  • Third Parties and Other Websites: Degree and Level of Information Sharing
  • Information Security and Protection
  • Personal Information on Children
  • Personal Information: Access and Request for Copy
  • Privacy Policy: Enforcement and Jurisdiction
  • Privacy Policy: Modification and Amendment
  • Contact Details

Gathering of Information

The following are the types of information that we collect:

Personal Information That You Provide

We generally collect Personal Information that is voluntarily submitted to us through HometownHeroes. Information that you submit to us in the process of signing up for an account or editing such account or profile in HometownHeroes is also collected. For example, in registering as well as logging in on the site, you provide us with your name, an e-mail address, and a password of your choosing. Also, in using some of the services that we provide, you may be required to give us a shipping or delivery address. When personalizing your profile and using the features of HometownHeroes, you voluntarily provide us with information that we likewise collect and we may also request for other information that will support your use of the website including such information as your birth year, your gender, and other demographic data. We collect information in the form of the content that you send us while using HometownHeroes like reviews, rating, photos, and other relevant information that you choose to submit.

We may likewise collect information about you and your relatives and friends who use HometownHeroes from social networks that you may be connected with. This is to help us provide you with a more personalized and customized experience. For example, we may collect the profile information or username that you have allowed us to use and show through HometownHeroes in order to display you as an associate or friend within the networks.

If you opt to sign up for you to receive information and updates about our products and services that you may be interested with, we will collect your e-mail address and other relevant information. Also, we collect information that you voluntarily enter into any of the website’s postings, comments, and forums within the HometownHeroes’ online community.

Personal Information from Other Sources

We will collect Personal Information about you from other sources from which you may have interacted or registered, organizations whom we have partnered with, which we collectively refer to as “Partners,” or other third parties. We may have this information associated with the other Personal Information that we have initially collected from you.

E-mail and E-mail Addresses

We will collect your e-mail address and your e-mail’s full content, attached files, and other relevant information if you send us an e-mail or when you fill out the HometownHeroes’ Feedback page. We may use and display your name together with your e-mail address whenever you send an e-mail notification to a friend or relative through our website or any social network that you are connected with it, which includes sending an invitation or when sharing your content. In addition, we may use the e-mail address that you provided to contact you, such as when someone sends you a private message or to send notifications from social networks and other websites that you may have registered yourself with to receive such notifications. We may likewise use your e-mail address to contact you for other things like to notify you of limited edition shop sales and other similar events or activities. You are however given the option to choose not to receive such promotional notifications as further explained below.

Technology-Collected Information

While using HometownHeroes, some information may be collected passively and stored on our logs or on our service providers’ database, such your IP address, operating system, browser type, etc. We also use Cookies and navigational information like URLS (Uniform Resource Locators) to collect information regarding the time and date of your visit and the information and solutions for which you viewed and searched or on which of the advertisements on the website you clicked. An IP or Internet protocol address is a number that is assigned automatically to your computer as soon as log in to the Internet. In most cases, you will be assigned the same IP address during browser to browser sessions. However, it may be varied from session to session when you use a consumer Internet access provider. The term “Cookies” is used to refer to the small pieces of information that a website you are viewing sends to your PC’s hard drive. To give you a more interactive and personal experiences with the use of HometownHeroes, we may use both session Cookies and persistent cookies-the former expires as soon as you close your web browser, while the latter stays on the computer until you decide to delete them. To remove persistent Cookies, follow the instructions enumerated on your Internet browser help file. For you to be able to use the services that we offer at HometownHeroes, you should have your web browser enabled to receive and accept Cookies. If you choose to disable this feature, you may not be able to receive our services or some of the pages on the site may not work properly. You can check your browser settings or visit and get information on how to properly manage your cookie preferences.

Information Through Social Media Networks

Some information that you provide or post through HometownHeroes for public posting, such as your name, comments, reviews, ratings, and profile may be shared with other users of the site and posted on some parts of HometownHeroes that have been made publicly available, including without limitation, public forums and social media applications that you choose to participate in. Please note that when you decide to disclose Personal Information when making comments or posting other information or content through HometownHeroes, this information can become available for public viewing and may be collected and used by other people, including those who are not part of the HometownHeroes community. It is also critical to know and remember that if you opt to share, re/pin or tweet when you have redeemed an offer, it will automatically become available publicly on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. It is therefore for you to decide and make sure that you are personally comfortable with the information that you provide us and the information that you wish to have publicly available. We will not hold the website liable with respect to any information that you post to the pages that are publicly available in HometownHeroes. We also recommend that you practice utmost caution when providing personal information to others through social media websites and other similar networks.

You can opt to access or log in to HometownHeroes using your Facebook account and its Facebook Connect feature or simply download the HometownHeroes mobile application through Facebook or other third-party platform. When doing so, you are actually authorizing the chosen third-party platform to send us certain information from your account on their site, and you also authorize us to collect, use, and store in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in this Privacy Policy any and all information available to us from third-party platforms.

Mobile and Location Information

When using mobile-enabled services provided by HometownHeroes, such as HometownHeroes mobile apps that we offer, we may receive information about your use of such services from your mobile device. If you have enabled location-based services on your mobile devices, we will be able to receive information about your exact location. The use of particular applications and services may likewise mean additional information collection. This may include information to be sent when you are not logged into the website for notifications services, and the terms and conditions of such information collection will be identified when you sign up or subscribe for such applications or services.

Information Collected Through Feedback and Reviews

If you provide us feedback, we may use and disclose the same feedback for any purpose, with the condition that we do not associate it with your Personal Information. We will collect any information that may be contained in the feedback and will treat the Personal Information in it in complete compliance with this Privacy Policy. You agree that any comment and e-mail we receive automatically becomes our property. We may use your feedback for marketing purposes or to modify, edit, and add our services without having the obligation to pay any royalties or other similar compensations to you.

The Use and Disclosure of Information

Generally, Personal Information and other pertinent information that you submit or share with us are used for the following purposes by HometownHeroes:

  • To give you access to our services
  • To provide, protect, maintain, develop, and improve Hometown Heroes
  • To offer you solutions on products and services
  • To customize the content as well as advertisements that you will receive from HometownHeroes and from our trusted Partners
  • To provide you with additional information, opportunities, functionalities, and promotions from us or on our behalf or from our advertisers or from our partners at your request.

Unless you authorize us to do so and except as otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, we do not sell, rent, trade, or share for marketing purposes any Personal Information that we collect with third parties.

To provide some of the features and services of HometownHeroes and to better help us communicate with you, we may provide your Personal Information to affiliates or third-party service providers. This includes such services as analyzing date, sending e-mail, processing payments, giving marketing assistance, providing customer service, and offer management services. We limit the information that we provide to our affiliates and third-party service providers to the extent necessary for them to provide the services. We also require the service providers to promise not to use this information except as necessary for them to be able to provide the relevant services to us. We may share some or all of your Personal Information, except for your credit card information, with Vendors from whom you have redeemed Offers for their own commercial reasons and for them to be able to provide the Offer.

If you do not want us to use or disclose Personal Information that we will have to collect from you in the manner identified within this Privacy Policy, you may not use HometownHeroes. Some Offers may expressly require you to submit information for fulfillment, and Vendors may likewise separately ask you to submit information that will be necessary for you to redeem an Offer for other purposes that may serve them. The Vendor’s collection and use of any of your information will be governed by that Vendor’s own and separate privacy policy. We also share your content preference and other relevant information with social networks that you have connected with HometownHeroes along with those organizations and people you have asked us to share your information with.

We may share some or all of your Personal Information with affiliates and group companies of HometownHeroes that are under a common control so they may be able to send regular offer e-mails to you, and in which case, they will likewise be required to honor the terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy.

To better understand how visitors interact with our site, we use Google Analytics, which provides non-personally identifiable information including but not limited to information on where visitors came from, activities they did while on the site, and where they went after leaving the website. If you opt to know more about this service, you may check here. Also HasOffers provides analytics services related to the downloading of our mobile app.

Using de-identification procedures to ensure that such information cannot be reasonably connected or associated with you as an individual, we also develop non-personal information concerning HometownHeroes users. We generally aggregate this information and utilize it in conducting statistical studies to help us analyze patterns in the use of HometownHeroes. This Privacy Policy does not limit our use or disclosure of de-identified information in any way, and we reserve the right to use and disclose such information to our affiliates, advertisers, third parties, and our partners in our own discretion.

In the event that we go through a business transition such as an acquisition by another company, a merger, or sale of a portion or all our assets, your Personal Information may be among the assets that will be transferred. You acknowledge that such transfers may happen and are permitted by this Privacy Policy and that any acquirer of ours or that acquirer’s assets may continue to use and process your Personal Information as set forth within this Privacy Policy.

If we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary, we may disclose your Personal Information to comply with laws or respond to warrants or subpoenas served on us or to defend and protect our property or rights, you, or third parties. You hereby agree and consent to us sharing your Personal Information within the circumstances described here.

Personal Information: What You Can Share

We offer you options regarding the collection, the use, and the sharing of your Personal Information. You have right to stop us any time from your contacting you for any marketing purpose. When you receive any promotional notifications from us, you may opt to inform us of your preference to not receive any further promotional communications from us and you will be given the opportunity of “opting out” by following the instructions in the promotional e-mail on how to unsubscribe from such materials or by directly contacting us at .

Despite your chosen e-mail marketing preferences, we may still send you administrative e-mails about HometownHeroes, such as transactional and administrative confirmations and notifications or updates to the website’s Privacy Policy if we choose to provide such notices to you.

If you use the services that HometownHeroes offers through mobile devices, you may have additional preferences including whether location services should be enabled. Also, if you use other social media services in connection with HometownHeroes, the service providers may offer additional options regarding the data types shared with HometownHeroes.

Third Parties and Other Websites: Degree and Level of Information Sharing

We may enable advertisers and their servers to promote third-party products and services by putting advertisements on HometownHeroes. This means that these advertisers and their servers may use “Web Beacons,” the term used to refer to the usually small and transparent graphic images, Cookies, or similar other technologies to keep track of the information related to the running of their advertisements and may use information collected over time and across websites for them to make their advertisements more relevant. When you click on such advertisements, you will be directed to the website of a third party and the advertiser.

We likewise engage in remarketing to market our websites, products, and services or those of our trusted partners in advertising across the Internet such that when a user comes to our site, a Cookie is dropped on the user and various advertising networks may deliver targeted ads to users using the same Cookie. We do not however share any of your Personal Information with any of our remarketing advertising networks or advertisers.

As for third-party advertising, you are given choices such that both Digital Advertising Alliance and the Network Advertising Initiative allow you to opt out from any online behavioral advertising from participating organizations and groups.

HometownHeroes may contain links to other sites or may make third-party apps available to users. Please be informed that we are not to be held responsible for the content or the privacy practices of these websites or applications. We always encourage our users to carefully read the privacy policies of every single website that they visit or every application that they use.

This Privacy Policy solely applies to information collected by us through HometownHeroes and does not apply to any of these third-party sites and applications. The ability to access information of other locations or websites or third parties from HometownHeroes is for your comfort and convenience and does not signify any endorsement purpose of third parties, websites, their products and services, locations, and even content.

Information Security and Protection

We are committed to keeping your Personal Information well protected and secure. We make use of various industry-standard security procedures and technologies to help protect your Personal Information from any unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. Despite all our efforts and the significant steps that we have taken to protect your Personal Information, no company, organization, or group including us can fully eliminate all possible security risks that may be associated with Personal Information.

Personal Information on Children

We do not direct our websites to children under the age of 13. We market all our family-related products and services available for adults. You should be at least 18 years old to be able to register at the site. It is critical to protect the privacy of children. If we discover factual information that a registered user is under the required age, we will immediately delete all information associated with such account. By using HometownHeroes, you are represent that you are 18 years or older.

Personal Information: Access and Request for Copy

You have the right to request for a copy of the Personal Information that we have collected and stored about you. If you would like a copy of a portion or all of your Personal Information, you may contact us through . A reasonable fee may be charged for this service. We always want to make sure that all your information is updated and accurate. You may also ask us to remove, correct or modify any of your information in your profile that you deem inaccurate. You may change or edit any of your profile information by tweaking it in the Profile Settings page.

Privacy Policy: Enforcement and Jurisdiction

Personal or other information about you collected from HometownHeroes websites and services may be stored and processed in the United States or in any other country in which HometownHeroes and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and service providers maintain facilities. HometownHeroes and its websites comply with the Safe Harbor Framework of the United States and European Union that has been set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce covering the collection, the use, and the retention of information member countries of the European Union. For more information about the Safe Harbor program, please check out Safe Harbor Website.

Privacy Policy: Modification and Amendment

At our discretion, this Privacy Policy is subject to occasional revision. If we make any significant changes in the way we use your Personal Information, we will promptly post an alert on this page or post an alert on the HometownHeroes website. Objecting any such changes is tantamount to your decision to stop your use of HometownHeroes. If you continue to use HometownHeroes after notice of any such changes will indicate that you acknowledge such changes and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of these changes.

California Residents

If you are a resident of California, you may request that we give you:

  1. A list of the categories of personal information about you that HometownHeroes has disclosed to third parties for the direct marketing purposes of these parties during the calendar year prior to your request.
  2. Names and addresses of these third parties
  3. Examples of their marketed products and services if the nature of the business of these third parties cannot be determined from their names alone, which are enough to give you a concrete indication of the nature of the businesses of these third parties.

To formally submit a request, please e-mail .

Contact Details

For questions and other concerns about this Privacy Policy, please free to contact us at .

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